Mox Chandler: December 2023 Update
  • Dec 20th 2023
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Chandler: December 2023 Update

Exciting Progress Update on Mox Boarding House Chandler!

It's been a little while since our last update on Mox Chandler's progress, so let's catch you up as we dive into 2024. If you want to see how things have unfolded over the past year, check out our previous updates from AprilJune, and August. As we approach the final stages, the excitement of the opening is becoming more tangible. 

Final Stretch: What's Left Before the Grand Opening

The Noteworthy Update: Our store is really starting to take shape! The flooring, chandeliers, lighting, plumbing, wiring, electrical work, kitchen, windows, walls – you name it, it's done. You can even spot the Mox sign proudly displayed on the front of the building! Painting is nearly finished, the bar is approaching its final form, and outdoor landscaping is coming together seamlessly. 

While we've made significant strides, there's still quite a bit to go – wrapping up the casework, bringing in furnishings, stocking the shelves (because, let's face it, it's not much of a store without things to sell), and adding those final touches that come with wrapping up a colossal construction project like this. 

A Heartfelt Thank You for Community Support

Once that's all squared away, we'll be ready to hire and swing open our doors to welcome everyone. While our original timeline didn't quite pan out, we're genuinely appreciative of the community support we've received. Establishing a store beyond our Pacific Northwest roots is a labor of love, and we're eager to showcase the fruits of our hard work soon. 

As for the exact opening date, we're steering clear of setting a firm deadline. We want to ensure everything is just right, and rather than rushing things, we're committed to maintaining steady progress until the store meets the high standards we've set for ourselves, delivering the best possible experience to our guests. 

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