Mox Chandler: June 2023 Update
  • Jun 16th 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell

Mox Chandler: June 2023 Update

Mox Chandler: June 2023 Update

After another couple months of hard work, we’re back with another progress update on Mox Chandler! However, before dive into it, we'd like to formally invite you to our Pop-Up Game Nights we’re hosting next week in Arizona in partnership with some local breweries. Check out the full post for details, but we hope to see you there for some good games and good drinks!

Anyway, last time we checked in, we had just started on installing the plumbing and electrical, which was followed by adding insulation come soon after. Given that, we are happy to report both the plumbing, electrical and insulation are finished! In fact, we’re actually almost done with putting the in the drywall. Here's some progress pictures: 

Once that step is finished, Mox Chandler will take on its true shape. It’ll be time to put in the floors, give the place a fresh coat of paint and start installing all the casework including shelving and carpentry. Completing that task, in particular, is a huge milestone for our progress and will allow us set an opening date!

Do keep in mind, though, that it takes working with a lot of contractors to realize our vision for this location. We know you’re going to love what we have planned, and you can still expect to be there gaming to your heart’s content by the end of the year.

We know the wait can be difficult, but we appreciate your patience as we keep moving toward our location in Arizona! The best way to keep on top of everything we’re up to is by signing up for our newsletters, especially the Chandler one!

That’s everything for today, but check back again soon. We’ll do our best to get some progress pictures that will really get everyone hyped!

-See you at Mox