Last Minute Gift Ideas

Dee Chapleau Holiday

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re one of the many of us who have decided to wait until the week before the Holiday season ends to get your shopping done. It isn’t the first time, and it sure won’t be the last. Well, don’t worry. We’ve gathered a quick list of items that are sure to hit anyone that’s still left on your list. Board games make the perfect gift for anyone!


Fort is perfect for any family member or tween still on your list. It is a newly released game from the same publishers who brought us favorites like Root and Vast. In Fort, you’re a kid! So you’ll score victory points by doing quintessential kids things like building forts, growing your friend circle, and collecting pizza and toys. 


Mariposas is a strategic set collecting game featuring gorgeous art designed by Elizabeth Hargraves, best known for her design of the smash hit Wingspan. Grow your family of butterflies over the course of three seasons to earn victory points and win the game. Mariposas has been a top-selling title of 2020, and is a great gift for the gamer who loves to keep up with new releases.

Ghost Blitz

If you still have some kiddos on your list, look no further than Ghost Blitz. Ghost Blitz is a speed matching game where players attempt to be the first one to grab the object that they do not see on the card. This game is a perfect combination of dexterity and pattern recognition, so young ones won’t even realize they’re learning! Also makes a great party game.

Drop Tops

For the RPG/ minis painter in your life, Drop Tops are here to help. A new product from Dr. Tabletop, Drop Tops perfectly attach to any citadel paint to turn your dip paints into an easy application dropper. Just insert an agitator into your bottle, pop on the top, and shake. These toppers are easily removable to be able to re-use on any paint. 

Face masks

Keep your loved ones safe and fashionable this winter with a brand new face mask. We are currently stocking custom Mox facemasks as well as Critical Role face masks. These are a perfect stocking stuffer or add-on for anyone in your life. 

Warlock Tiles

Pre-painted and double sided Warlock Tiles are a great gift to bring any RPG to the next level. These tiles can easily be built and expanded upon to flesh out any labyrinth, dungeon, manor, or wherever the player’s adventure goes. With multiple designs, you’re sure to find the perfect set for the roleplayer on your list.

Player and DM token sets from GF9

The player and dungeon master token sets from Gale Force 9 are a perfect accessory for any Dungeons and Dragons player. These tokens allow players to easily track their status effects and character statistics. These tokens are packaged in a class specific tin that any gamer is sure to love.

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a fantastic blend of pop culture of tabletop gaming and can be a great introduction to miniatures gaming. Players can form their dream time of heroes to fight against each other and take the win. The miniatures come unpainted, giving the player the freedom to design their hero however they like.

CK Boulders

For the trading card game (TCG) collector in your life, we have Card Kingdom branded boulders. These deck boxes hold 100 cards, perfect for players of any format, even Commander. With the well anticipated release of the next Magic: The Gathering set, any TCG player is sure to need more storage for the decks they’ll inevitably be building. 

Happy Holidays!

Though this year may be a bit different, we look forward to seeing you as you stop by for your last minute gifts. And don’t forget to check out our December Spotlight, featuring 10% off our Staff Picks. Stores are offering same day holds, so feel free to give your local game store a call to have some of your favorites from this list and more set aside for you.

See you at Mox!