Publisher Spotlight December: Staff Picks

Nelly Steiner Publisher Spotlight

As per tradition, in December, we always shake things up a little bit from our regular Publisher Spotlight routine. Rather than choosing one specific publisher, we shift the spotlight to our staff and highlighting their favorite games. We asked our employees to pick out the most fun games that they recommend playing with friends and family over the holidays. Stop by Mox this month to receive a 10% discount on any titles mentioned in this blog post.

Mox Staff Favorite Games

When undecided about what game you should pick up next there is no better resource to help you choose than Mox staff. We are experts with countless hours of game-play hours under our belts. On a daily basis, we research new games, read about them, watch videos, and teach them to our customers. Keep reading to find out more about our favorites.

Arkham Horror The Card Game – Simon

Delve deep into eldritch mysteries with Arkham Horror: the Card Game, a cooperative experience for 1-2 players (or up to 4 with two Core Sets). Take on the role of a pulpy 1920s investigator, and build a customized deck of weapons, spells, and allies before diving into rich, campaign-driven storytelling. Each scenario you play will be informed by the outcome of your previous session, as you journey across wild and terrifying locations to defeat ancient beings drawn from the Cthulhu mythos. Upgrade your deck with experience points, and hope that you can survive long enough to save the world from a dark fate. Arkham is an excellent choice for fans of customizable card games and classic horror literature. Good luck, investigators.

Forbidden Island – Megan

Time is of the essence when there’s a sinking island. Fly across the board as the Pilot, juggle treasure as the Messenger, fix pieces of the island as the Explorer, and more! Each of the 6 characters has a unique skill to help the adventurous crew find the treasure and escape the island! It’s all or nothing and leave no one behind in this cooperative board game. Is this a fool’s errand? You never know until you play Forbidden Island!

Agricola – Chase

In Agricola, you are out on your own with nothing but a small hut and dreams of running your own homestead one day.  This is the quintessential worker placement game balancing tough strategy, tense player interaction, and rewarding decisions. Each game ends up leaving you wanting a few more actions and with over 350 cards there is a lot a replayability packed into this game. 

Unmatched – Flynn

Unmatched is a deck driven skirmish game. Pit King Arthur against Big Foot, or the Invisible Man against the Raptors from Jurassic Park!  Each core set and expansion adds new strange combatants to the arena for a myriad of fun combinations. You can play with two or three people in a free for all, or with four players in teams. This fast-paced strategy game is great for people who like to think as far ahead as possible and position their pieces to corner the opponent.

Marvel Villainous – William

Choose your villain: Hela, Ultron, Taskmaster, Killmonger, or Thanos and claim infinite power. Each character has unique abilities/actions that help you defeat your opponents. There are also powerful henchmen and items to aid you in your mission. The shared fate deck that represents the Avengers you are fighting. This is a great game for 2-4 players and takes about 45 minutes to play.

Cosmic Encounter – Andrew

You are the commodore in charge of a small fleet of ships defending your home sector but can send ships out to explore more territory. Alliances are created and lost every turn in this highly celebrated game of conquest for 3-5 players. Dozens of unique alien abilities keep this game of planetary colonization exciting every time.

Paperback – Sam

Blending the elements of a traditional word game with deck-building mechanics, this Fowers game offers a fresh way to experience both genres.  Each turn you play letters from your hand to form the best possible word. This word scores points and earns money that you can spend to buy better letters with special abilities. Players compete to finish their novel first and win!

Underwater Cities – Laura

The world is overpopulated and you’ve been chosen to help develop underwater cities as a solution. Can you build the world’s most comprehensive underwater complex? If you’re looking for a game that is packed with strategy, lot’s of mechanics and takes a couple of hours to play, Underwater Cities is for you.

Tea Dragon Society – Mary

Tea Dragon Society is an excellent family-friendly game with deckbuilding mechanics. Not only is this game beautifully illustrated but it also focuses on themes of fantasy and friendship. In the game, you strengthen bonds with your dragon through the forming of memories. Tea Dragon Society plays from 2-4 players and it’s easy to understand rules get you playing right away.

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All month long we’re offering 10% off all these Staff Picks as part of our Publisher Spotlight program. Our expert staff is happy to help you get started or make new recommendations based on your preferences. If you’re curious to find out what the most popular board games at Mox are make sure to read our ‘All Time Favorite Board Games’ blog post.

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