Miniatures Gift Guide

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If you’re not an avid Miniature hobbyist, buying a gift for one can feel overwhelming. There’s Warhammer, Guild Ball, Marvel Crisis Protocol, X-Wing, but also paints, and brushes, and glues, and books. I’m here to help you sort through all the options and make sure you get the right gift for that gamer in your life.

Are they new to the hobby? Or do they have the callused thumbs of a veteran? Do they play space elves or steampunk rat people? Well, cast your worries aside, and let Moose be your minis shopping guide. In addition to my talents for rhymes and puns, I’ve spent the better part of 20 years painting and playing minis.

What gift do I get my friend who is just getting started in minis gaming?

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s just getting started in the minis hobby you’ve got some amazing options. The wide world of miniatures gaming is open to them and I’ll help you make sure they start their journey off on the right foot.

Citadel Project Box Containing Paint Racks

Often overlooked, but there is one thing every hobbyist needs, a space to paint and build models! The citadel project box is a great solution for both veterans and folks just starting out. All the tools, paints, and brushes that end up scattered everywhere can have a home of their own in the project box! The Citadel paint racks that come in the project box are great for storing citadel paints, and can even be mounted on the wall!

This is an excellent gift because of the ease of storage and organizing their parent/roommate/significant other/etc. may even appreciate your gift even more than them.

Citadel Water Pot

Finding new tools and learning how they can improve your painting is an exciting part of getting started in the miniatures hobby. Even as a long-time painter I was surprised by how small improvements on basic tools can make a big difference. I’ve ditched my old coffee mug that was my paint water vessel for a citadel water pot and I haven’t looked back.

The pot is made from durable plastic, so even if it’s dropped it won’t break. The inside of the pot and bottom has ribbed and textured sides specifically designed for super effective brush cleaning. And there are even long deep channels running along the inside of the pot so that as you draw the brush out of the water, it tapers to a perfect point.

Warhammer 40K: Indomitus

I’ve been playing miniature games for more than 20 years and I haven’t seen a better core box than Indomitus for Warhammer 40k. This box is great for anyone looking to get started: two full fifty power armies, a simple rulebook with full background on the setting of Warhammer 40K. We’re excited to have these back in stock. The first printing sold out in minutes!

Honorable Mentions

Army Painter Most Wanted Brush Set: This brush set has one of every type of brush you need to paint minis. It has a wide brush perfect for dry brushing and adding texture, a base brush great for putting down the colors and applying washes, and a detail brush for all those tiny details. The brushes are designed with triangle-style handles making them much more ergonomic than most brushes, and they won’t roll off the table! This makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any miniature painter.

What gift do I get for my minis gamer friend who has everything?

What do you buy for the gamer who has everything? Or the gamer who is into minis, but you’re not sure how deep or what they may already own? Though a gift card is always the easy choice, I’ve curated a selection of items that even the most experienced minis gamer would appreciate.

Ammo by Mig Jimenz – Oilbrushers

Using oil paints on miniatures was once reserved for only the most dedicated and experienced painters. These Oilbrushers are great because they make it easy for anyone to try these techniques. They can be used to make dramatic shades or gently shift the color pallet of an entire model. The paint and brush are all in one tube, so preparation and clean up is much easier than with traditional oils. This is an excellent gift because it puts advanced painting techniques within reach for anyone.

Ammo by Mig Jimenz – Enamal Washes

Every now and then you find something that makes you yell “where have you been all my life!” the first time I used an enamel wash was one of those times. There is a wash for just about any purpose you can imagine, from realistic rust and grime to precise panel lines. A few of these washes in their stocking will amaze them.

Ammo by Mig Jimenz – Basing accessories

A model isn’t complete without a base! If you’re worried about finding a gift that will get used no matter what it’s hard to go wrong with basing supplies. When painting an army it’s nice to find ways to save time. The basing mats and ground textures by Ammo are my go-to items when working on bases. Basing mats are pre-made with rocks, flock & tuft already added, you just cut to shape! The ground textures provide realistic mud, soil, and even concrete textures that are easy to use and look realistic right out of the pot. By combining them together you can create beautiful looking dynamic bases easily.

More great gifts we love for minis gamers!

I wanted to take the chance to just recommend some minis products that I love. Here are some items that are guaranteed to bring a smile to any minis players face.


Nothing quite says wildcard like a fantasy miniature game based on American football that was designed by a British game company! Bloodbowl has been a cult favorite for years and was just updated with a new edition. The two-player starter box is a great gift for anyone that is looking to get into a new game, or for anyone who’s looking to start miniature gaming with a friend or partner. You’ll have fun with silly rules and feel the heartbreak as your star player is carted off the pitch.

Start Collecting/Combat Patrol Boxes

Every miniature gamer will tell you that the last thing they want to do is start a new army. I’m here to tell you the truth… they’ve got detailed plans for at least three more armies. After you’ve recovered from the shock of that revelation, consider a Start Collecting box, now rebranded to Combat Patrol box, even if you are unsure of what they are collecting currently, they’ll be happily surprised to start something new! Or if you managed to get something they already have they will happily add it to their army.

Winsor and Newton Kolinsky Sable Brushes

If you want to knock the stockings off of your miniatures gamer friend, this is the gift. They are the ultimate brush, the Cadillac, the bee’s knees, truly there aren’t enough cliches on this planet to describe them. This is the brush of choice for both professional artists and miniature painters alike because of their quality and durability.

Support their Favorite Local Game Store

Still not sure what to purchase? You can never go wrong with a gift card to their local game store, that way they can pick out exactly what they want for themselves. Visit us at Mox Boarding House we have helpful staff that love their hobbies and can help answer any questions you have. Now is a great time to support local businesses, and show your friends that you listen. If you are looking for some board game recommendations make sure to check out our Board Game Gift Guide next!

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