Publisher Spotlight – September: Fowers Games
  • Sep 1st 2020
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

Publisher Spotlight – September: Fowers Games

We are excited to announce our Publisher Spotlight for September, Fowers Games! Fowers Games is a game company owned by Tim Fowers, not only is he the designer of the games but he also self distributes them. Fowers Games are always characterized by interesting mechanics, replayability, and beautiful art. Here are some of our favorite Fowers board games that will be sold at a 10% discount this month.


Sabotage is the newest and one of the most successful Fowers Games titles. It is an excellent team-based game for 2-4 players and plays in about 90 minutes. Teams are set up facing each other on each side of the table, generating a true team v team experience. One team assumes the role of the villains building doomsday devices vs the spies who want to stop them.


Fugitive is a 2-player deduction game with a Catch Me If You Can chase theme. One player is the fugitive trying to escape the other player acting as the marshal trying to catch them. The game is asymmetric with one player card counting and the other bluffing.


Paperback is a fantastic marriage of word game and deckbuilding game. This game is for 2-5 players and plays in about 45 minutes. Players use cards in their hand (that have letters on them) to spell out words. These words will earn them money that they can use to purchase more cards for their deck. The goal is to build up the letters and special powers in their deck to allow them to build up their vocabulary and make some very valuable words in the end.


In this game you assume the role of Penelope Quill writing her next best-selling novel. Similar to Paperback you create words to earn money and prestige. Money will allow you to purchase more letters, but in the end, the player with the most prestige will win the game.

Stop by Mox to pick up a game

Make sure to stop by Mox this in September. We have a display table highlighting our favorites, and all Fowers Games titles will be 10% off all month. Don’t forget, you can play your new game in the restaurant, and relax with delicious food and a cold beer. See here to check out our last Publisher Spotlight.

-See you at Mox