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This year there has seen no shortage of changes, but one thing has stayed consistent… our love for roleplaying games! Not sure where to start buying gifts for the gamers in your life? Look no further. Whether you’re shopping for the friend that has never figuratively “stepped foot into a dungeon”, or the person who might just own every Dungeon and Dragons campaign released to date, we’ve prepared a list of our top RPG gifts this holiday season. Let our gift guide take all the guessing out of the equation so you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

What gift should I get my friend that is just getting started in RPGs?

Have your friends or family been musing about finally delving into the wonderful world of roleplaying games? Maybe they’ve sat in on a single session (also known as a one-shot) but want to dive deeper into the hobby or even begin their own long term campaign. A beginner roleplayer would benefit from receiving any of the following gifts:

D&D Essentials Set

This Essentials Kit is perfect for the friend or family member who wants to run their own campaign but doesn’t know where to start. It contains everything you need, from blank character sheets to a full campaign, and offers the option to use simplified rules. It has everything an adventurer needs to get hooked on Dungeons and Dragons (also known as D&D) in the coming winter months, with or without any prior experience. With over fifty years of fine tuning, Dungeons and Dragons is the most well known and updated RPG today. There’s no better way to get started in roleplaying games.

Set of polyhedral dice

In any RPG, a player will decide to make an action and roll a corresponding dice to find out whether or not they succeed. That being said, polyhedral dice (a set of seven dice with varying numbers of sides – d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100) are a must-have for every aspiring roleplayer. At Mox, we offer many different types of dice to cater to all aesthetics and any budget! Our dice materials range from simple plastics and metals to gemstone and even yak horn dice for the gamer of particularly discerning taste. 

Wet Erase Map/Markers

What adventurer would explore without a map? Any and all RPGs can benefit from having a visual aid. Blank wet erase maps and markers are the perfect choice for any gamer to expand the world they’ve spent so much time building, and are easily customizable for any campaign or universe. 

Also consider:
  • Rogue’s Bazaar hand-made dice bag

What gift do I get for my friend that plays RPGs but seemingly has everything?

What do you buy for the gamer who has everything? Or the gamer who is into RPGs, but you’re not sure how deep or what they may already own? Though a gift card is always the easy choice, we’ve curated a selection of items that even the most experienced dungeon master may not have yet:

Eldritch Arts Dice Box

Once you’ve got all those pretty shiny polyhedral dice, where do you put them? This year you can feed two birds with one scone by picking up a practical gift that will also support a local business. Eldritch Arts wooden dice boxes come in multiple different laser engraved styles and sizes. Each dice box fits a full set of polyhedral dice and uses strong earth magnets to keep everything in place.

Monster Minis

The main element of every roleplaying game is, well, the roleplaying! Adding a visual element to a primarily spoken game can really elevate the gaming experience. At Mox, we have over 100 different Wizkids miniatures, including player characters ranging across many classes and races, monsters of every breed, and even the terrain you interact with. And with new waves releasing every quarter, we’re sure to have the monster that pairs perfectly with any campaign. Whether battling elementals or dragons, there’s sure to be something new to inspire even the most advanced gamer.

How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck

A gamer’s worst nightmare is running the same encounters over and over again. In How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck, two dozen of the gaming industry’s most well-known adventure writers give tips and tricks to ensure your game is different and exciting every time. Anyone running a game could benefit from this book, regardless of their skill level.

Also Consider:
  • Legacy of Dragonholdt

RPG Gifts Ideas

Though the aforementioned gifts are must-haves for the holiday, we just had to take some time to talk about some of our favorite items! These options are great for any skill level player and are sure to be a perfect standalone gift or add-on. 

Dungeon Master Hat

Designed by DBL Feature, the Dungeon Master hat comes in two styles; baseball cap and beanie. This gift is perfect for all genders and noggin sizes. Any dungeon master who wants to flaunt their power and skill will be thrilled to receive this. 

Lucky Duck D20

The Lucky Duck D20 is exactly what it sounds like, a clear 20 sided die with a tiny duck inside. For those concerned, the weight of the duck and the resin used for the die are the same, making the rolls even every time. Players can use this when they feel like they need an extra bit of luck, or benevolent dungeon masters can use them to offer their players a second chance after a tragically low roll. *No ducks were harmed in the making of these dice

FATE Core Book/Modules

In a world dominated by Dungeons and Dragons, it can be refreshing to try something new. The FATE system allows players to explore a world beyond your standard fantasy setting. FATE offers futuristic, steampunk, prehistoric (who doesn’t want to ride a dinosaur?) settings, and much much more. With multiple ways to play (FATE, FATE Accelerated, and FATE Condensed) you can find the perfect module for your gift recipient’s playstyle. 

Honorable Mentions
  • C4 Labs dice trays

I still need help picking out a gift

We at Mox hope this gift guide has been helpful for your holiday shopping this year. If you’re still searching for that perfect gift drop into your local Mox today to speak with our expert staff. They’re sure to match the right game to your needs. Need a board game suggestion? See our Board Game Gift Guide. And don’t forget to check out our Publisher’s Spotlight this month! We’ll be offering 10% off staff favorites throughout December.

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