• The 13 Games of Halloween
    • Oct 18th 2021
    • Posted by Tony Pizzo

    The 13 Games of Halloween

    We ALL know that a playgroup that scares together stays together - and Mox Boarding House wants to put your survival skills to the test. Celebrate the '13 Games of Halloween' with us! We've handpicked some horrifying titles and you can buy them all 13% off, in-store or online (10/19/21-10/31/21). Here are our favorite spooky games that you should be playing to get into the spoooky spirit. For games that are portable and punchy, push your luck with Zombie Dice! Each player rolls dice to collect and eat brains before their undead buddies, but with each roll, you risk taking a shotgun blast to the head that ends your spree. You can push your luck and go for all 13 brains, or play it safe.Gloom: is a game about misery, and lots of it. Your goal is to spin the sadd
  • Mox Spotlight October: Funko Games
    • Oct 1st 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight October: Funko Games

    Fall is here! The leaves are going from green to brown, we can hear their crunch under our feet, and with the change of seasons comes a new Mox Spotlight. We're excited to announce Funko Games as our Mox Spotlight for October. We all know Funko for their beloved big-head figurines featuring our favorite characters from pop culture. In 2019 Funko acquired the design studio then named 'Forrest-Pruzan' and started Funko Games. Since then they have devolved some very exciting games including Funkoverse, Disney Haunted Mansion, and Groundhog Day. Keep reading to find out more about our favorites:  Fast & Furious: Highway HeistAre you ready to become part of the family? Assume the roles of some of your favorite Fast & Furious characters including Dom, Brian, Letty, and Roman and get r
  • An Interview with Brotherwise Games
    • Sep 27th 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    An Interview with Brotherwise Games

    Brotherwise Games makes incredible games that are highly thematic and immersive. Remember old-school side-scrolling retro video games? Well, Boss Monster takes that idea but instead of assuming the roles of adventurers moving through a dungeon, you are the Boss Monster trying to defeat them. Brotherwise Games was founded by Chris and Johnny O'Neal in 2012 and they have produced excellent games ever since. We had the chance to sit down with Chris and Johnny and get the inside scoop.  (Mox) With games like Call to Adventure and the tie-in products you’ve developed with authors in the past like Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson, what do you think it is about board games that makes them work well when it comes to storytelling?(Chris and Johnny) People are natural storytellers. We
  • Mox Spotlight September: Brotherwise Games
    • Sep 1st 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight September: Brotherwise Games

    Our Mox Spotlight for September is Brotherwise Games! All month long you'll receive 10% off all their titles in store. Brotherwise Games was founded by brothers Chris and Johnny O'Neal in 2012 and since then have published some of our top favorite games at Mox, including Boss Monster. Their games always lead with compelling theme and approachable mechanics.  Boss MonsterBoss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game has been one of our most popular games in the store. What's not to love? Retro video gaming themes, 8-bit art, and adventure. In this 2-4 player game you lure unknowing adventurers looking for treasure through your dungeon only to defeat them on their way! The first player to collect 10 souls wins. With several expansion this game never gets old.  OverbossOverbos
  • Coffee Time Commander Secret Lair Giveaway
    • Aug 31st 2021
    • Posted by Katie Moranha

    Coffee Time Commander Secret Lair Giveaway

    It’s too early to try hard, but not too early to play some Commander! Stop by Mox Boarding House Bellevue as we host our once virtual event in-store for the first time. To celebrate, we will give all participants 25% off coffee drinks while playing, and they will have a chance to win a random Secret Lair!Get your Commander deck ready, grab your mask, and join your fellow players to be entered in to win one of ten separate Secret Lairs. We will have our barista available at 10AM to make coffee, but our restaurant will not be open until noon. Don’t forget to sign up before the event to get your wristband for coffee, and be eligible for the giveaways.Read the full terms and conditions below, and have fun on Sunday, September 26th. Terms and ConditionsMox Boarding House is the promot
  • An Interview with Renegade Game Studios
    • Aug 16th 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    An Interview with Renegade Game Studios

    Back for a second time Renegade Game Studios is our Mox Spotlight for August. We last interviewed them in 2019 when Clank! Legacy was about to release, so much has changed since then, but one thing remains the same; Renegade Games is still producing  high quality games that are top sellers at Mox Boarding House. Today we have Sara Erickson (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Renegade Games Studios) with us to give us all the insider secrets at Renegade games. (Mox) When last we sent you some questions you said you’d love to see a board game more prominently featuring insects. Have you found any in the last couple years you can tell us about and has your dream game theme changed at all?(Sara) There have been a few good bee themed games over the years but a game celebr
  • Mox Now Offers Buy Online Pick-Up In Store
    • Aug 11th 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Now Offers Buy Online Pick-Up In Store

    Hold on tight, we have an exciting announcement for you… ready? We are so thrilled to announce that we have a brand new Mox Boarding House website with a brand now feature: Buy Online Pick-Up In Store. Take a look around, it’s awesome!Brand New Mox Boarding House WebsiteOver the last year we’ve taken the time to update our much-loved website and updated with new features, beautiful images, and made it more user friendly. You can expect all the same great options as before: viewing our menus, signing up for events, booking private rooms. But we’ve also added something new: Buy Online Pick Up In-Store.Buy Online Pick-up In StoreThat’s right, we now have an online shop on our website, you can get all the best games from Mox directly from the comfort of your couch. We are offering Buy Online P
  • Revisited: A Celebration of The Games You Might Have Missed
    • Aug 6th 2021
    • Posted by David Peveto

    Revisited: A Celebration of The Games You Might Have Missed

    Look, we know you’ve heard it so many times that it’s a cliché, so we’re going to just skip the “this year has looked different” or “we’re in unprecedented circumstances” and get straight to the fun stuff. A lot of amazing games and products came out in the last 18 months. So, how about a weekend dedicated to all those great games you might have missed? Welcome to Mox Boarding House Seattle’s Revisited Weekend!We’ve filled the weekend of August 21-22 with events and opportunities to celebrate the Magic sets, board games, miniatures, and morat came out during the pandemic. Our full events calendar and signups can be found here, but here are some events you’ll want to keep your eye on. It’s a Mystery to everyone… Sponsored by Urban Family Brewing Co., we’re hosting a 21+ Mystery Booster Con