• Mox Spotlight July: Steve Jackson Games
    • Jul 1st 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Mox Spotlight July: Steve Jackson Games

    It’s July, which means we’re halfway through another wonderful year of gaming. To celebrate, why don’t you come on in and treat yourself to… more games! After all, this month we’re spotlighting Steve Jackson Games, which means you can get 10% off some of the best titles we have to offer. Munchkin is a household name at this point, but there is a lot of other fun to be had. Be sure to check these titles next time you come in for a visit:Munchkin3-6 players | Age 10+ | 60-120 minsDo you want to distill the best parts of Dungeons and Dragons into a tight, combat-driven experience? Then Munchkin is the game for you! Explore dungeons, betray your friends and mow through hordes of monsters as you pick up sweet loot in this hit card game. By the time you’re done, you’ll either be decked out like
  • The Jordan Aisaka Memorial Tournament
    • Jun 17th 2023
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    The Jordan Aisaka Memorial Tournament

    The Jordan Aisaka Memorial TournamentLast October, a light went out in the Magic community. Jordan Aisaka unexpectedly and suddenly passed away due to a brain aneurysm. The ripples of grief from this event were felt far and wide; while Jordan may have been a Seattle local, his love and enthusiasm for the game left an impact well outside his hometown.While Jordan did play all kinds of Magic, he was most well-known as a competitive Legacy player, and helped shape and grow the Seattle Legacy scene into a powerhouse. Legacy players far and wide grew to know Jordan as one of the main faces of the Mox Boarding House Legacy stream, appearing often as a commentator when not competing (and often winning or placing highly) in the events themselves. Well-known for his boisterous and infecti
  • Mox Chandler: June 2023 Update
    • Jun 16th 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Mox Chandler: June 2023 Update

    Mox Chandler: June 2023 UpdateAfter another couple months of hard work, we’re back with another progress update on Mox Chandler! However, before dive into it, we'd like to formally invite you to our Pop-Up Game Nights we’re hosting next week in Arizona in partnership with some local breweries. Check out the full post for details, but we hope to see you there for some good games and good drinks!Anyway, last time we checked in, we had just started on installing the plumbing and electrical, which was followed by adding insulation come soon after. Given that, we are happy to report both the plumbing, electrical and insulation are finished! In fact, we’re actually almost done with putting the in the drywall. Here's some progress pictures: Once that step is finished, Mox Chandler will take
  • Arizona Pop Up Game Nights
    • Jun 15th 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Arizona Pop Up Game Nights

    Arizona Pop Up Game NightsIt was incredible meeting so many community members at Phoenix Fan Fusion a few weeks ago, and we couldn't be more excited to open our doors in Chandler later this year. Next week, Mox is cooking up something fun in Arizona: two pop up game nights at local breweries with the goal of playing great games and enjoying a good drink! Our first Pop Up Game Night is Tuesday 6/20 in Avondale, at 8-bit Aleworks, from 5-9 p.m. PT. Then, we’ll host our next one in Chandler on Thursday 6/22 at the Sugar Bar, also from 5-9 p.m.While there, you can learn to play Azul (Pocket Edition), Abandon All Artichokes, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, and Happy City. Additionally, pick up some free stickers, coupons, and learn info about our new location opening later this y
  • Mox Spotlight June: Chaosium
    • Jun 2nd 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Mox Spotlight June: Chaosium

    The summer heat is here, and the best way to beat it is with a nice, cool tabletop roleplaying game. That’s why this month’s Mox Spotlight is Chaosium. Throughout all of June, all Chaosium products are 10% off — meaning you can while away your days in an imaginary world of your choosing. Whether you want to save the humanity from Eldritch Horrors or embark on a fantasy quest of adventure, you’ll be covered.Saturday, June 24, is also Free RPG Day! Mox Boarding House will be celebrating at all locations, meaning customers can come in and pick up freebies while supplies last! We'll have goodies available from your favorite gaming franchises, like D&D, Pathfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and many more. Plus, you can even snag a free dice bag or tray if you come in early. Cal
  • Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023
    • May 29th 2023
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023

    First, to those locals who are only hearing about Mox for the first time — hi! We’re a restaurant and retail space that specializes in Tabletop Games, with three locations (Seattle and Bellevue in Washington with another in Portland, Oregon). The unique experience we offer is beloved by thousands of gamers in the locations we serve, and we’re working toward opening our fourth location in Chandler later this year(1371 N Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224).Experience Mox Boarding House firsthand at Phoenix Fan Fusion June 2-4, 2023. Stop by our booth in the newly expanded Gaming Hall located in Ballroom 120CD to play games from our board game library with your friends. Our selection of games will include much loved classics like Carcassonne, Sushi Go, and Bang as well as some new favorites
  • Mox Bellevue 2023 Spring Menu
    • May 8th 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Mox Bellevue 2023 Spring Menu

    Today, Mox Bellevue is delighted to roll out a brand new menu that we know will bring a flavorful twist to all of the delicious dishes that keep a gamer going.Our new menu is brought to you by head chef Ian Beck, who took on the role back in February. He graduated from Le Cordon Blue in 2007, but he has been cooking professionally since 1996. Expect big, bold flavors; new meat alternatives and relatable items you would expect when coming to Mox.“Food is an integral part of community and society,” Ian says. “It’s how we learn about each other. What is better than to sit around good food and good games that bring us together?”In the spirit of learning about each other, many of the new tastes will have a Central and South American twist inspired by the backgrounds of people like our head
  • Mox Portland's New Cocktails & Desserts 2023
    • May 4th 2023
    • Posted by Tony Pizzo

    Mox Portland's New Cocktails & Desserts 2023

    Spring has sprung here in Portland and our restaurant team is spicing up our menu with a whole new batch of delicious Zero Proof cocktails, desserts, and even… dessert cocktails!First up, we're thrilled that the community has responded so positively to our non-alcoholic creations! So this season we're bringing FOUR new Zero Proof cocktails, check out our menu! Try the Wandering Cactus with prickly pear and agave flavors, or cool off with an Exotic Bird Bingo - tiny umbrella included! We're also concocting the Love Potion No. 3 with strawberry and lychee purée, or the dark and spicy Eventide with ginger beer and vanilla bitters.Next up are the incredible new dessert cocktails you've gotta try! Our Berry Manacello combines marionberry whiskey with lemoncello, lemon juice, and simpl