• Mox Seattle Turns 10
    • May 5th 2021
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Mox Seattle Turns 10

    Mox Boarding House Seattle celebrates its 10th birthday this week. For 10 years, Mox continues to provide unforgettable memories and experiences through playing games and great food. Mox Boarding House Seattle, formally known as Card Kingdom/Café Mox, serves the Ballard neighborhood and beyond. Stop by this week (5/3 -5/9/21) and take part in our celebrations! MTG Box Topper Promotion – Receive a Zendikar Box topper for every $100 spent on MTG and MTG supplies (limit to 5) and for every $100 spent over $500 receive a Double Masters Box Topper! (excludes online, while supplies last) Spend $50 or more and Roll a D20! We’ll give you that percentage off your purchase. (cannot be combined with other discounts) Don’t forget to pick up a free custom-
  • An Interview With Looney Labs
    • Apr 13th 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    An Interview With Looney Labs

    Who are the creative geniuses who brought us favorites like Fluxx and Pyramid Arcade? Why it’s Looney Labs, of course! The small team at Looney Labs brings a unique and valuable perspective to the board game industry. Their games have a low barrier to entry and provide a delightful experience every time. We were lucky enough to interview Kristin and Andrew Looney to find out more about what makes Looney Labs so special. Looney Labs staff: Kristin Looney (CEO, President, and Business Czar), Andrew Looney (Chief Creative Officer), Laurie Menke (Executive Assistant, Sales & Marketing), Kristen Greer (Operations Manager), Alison Frane (Head Factorum and Customer Service Manager), Morgan Nakroshis (Graphic Design and Product Development)(Mox) Part of your mission is to bring social expe
  • Washington Board Game Designers
    • Apr 5th 2021
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Washington Board Game Designers

    Washington State is home to some of the most influential board game designers in the world. Some of your favorite tabletop games have been designed in Washington – including Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Betrayal At House On The Hill, and Funkoverse! If you’ve been searching for local games designed right here in the Evergreen State, this is your one-stop resource to support local talent. Keep reading to check out all the awesome board game designers Washington has to offer. Games Designers Based in Washington Emma Larkins – Heartcatchers | … and then we died | Abandon All Artichokes Rob Newton – Senora | Shuffle Grand Prix Joseph Chen – Fantastic Factories Justin Faulkner – Fantastic Factories Paul Peterson – Smash Up | Guillotine | Apocrypha A
  • Oregon Board Game Designers
    • Apr 5th 2021
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Oregon Board Game Designers

    Oregon is packed full of board game designers and tabletop industry talent who have worked on some of your favorite tabletop games, including The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Illimat, and Aquicorn Cove. If you’ve been searching for local games designed in the area, this is your one-stop resource to support local talent. Keep reading to check out all the awesome talent Oregon has to offer.Games Designers Based in Oregon Keith Baker – Dungeons & Dragons | Gloom | Illimat Ami Baio – Flatter Me | Rabbit Rabbit | You Think You Know Me Teos Abadia – Dungeons & Dragons | HeroQuest Levi Mote – Hoizons | Ruse Tony Miller – Fire In the Library | Kabuto Sumo | Rivet Heads David Freeman – Doomseeker | Ninja All-Stars | Rail Raiders Infinite David Chott – Lagoon: Land of Druids Tyle
  • Publisher Spotlight April: Looney Labs
    • Apr 1st 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    Publisher Spotlight April: Looney Labs

    Looney Labs is the publisher who brought us fan favorites like Fluxx and Get The MacGuffin. Andrew and Kristen Looney are the husband and wife duo that have consistently design and publish innovative, attractive, and above all, really fun parlor games. The Looneys met during their time as aerospace engineers at NASA and in 1996 decided to pursue their hobby full time. Since then, Looney Labs has been more than successful in committing to their mission “To Create Fun”. Keep reading for a quick rundown on some of their most popular titles. Fluxx Designer: Andrew Looney & Kristen Looney Artist: Raul Castellanos, Michael Hays, Naomi Kageyama, Andrew Looney, & Barbara Spelger Player Count: 2-6 players Suggested Age: 8+ The rules of Fluxx are simple… until they’re not. At the begi
  • April Fools Secret Lair Giveaway
    • Mar 29th 2021
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    April Fools Secret Lair Giveaway

    Mox Boarding House in Seattle is hosting a fun Magic the Gathering giveaway in-store on April Fools Day. That’s right, you can win the sealed Secret Lair Drop Series: April Fools by just stopping by and giving us your contact information. No jokes or pranks here! Read the full terms and conditions below, and stop by Mox Seattle on Thursday, 04/01/2021.Terms and Conditions Mox Boarding House is the promoter and sponsor of this promotion – 220 West Mercer Street, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98119 All eligibility requirements You must be 18 years or older to enter the giveaway. You must visit the Mox Boarding House in Seattle ( 5105 Leary Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107), and ask someone at the front desk to be entered into the promotion. You must provide your name, email, and mailing addr
  • Covid-19 Updates
    • Mar 19th 2021
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Covid-19 Updates

    We are following the development of COVID-19 closely and taking recommendations by local governmental agencies seriously. Please see our timeline of Covid-19 updates and safety precautions below to stay up to date. We are making changes in real-time as updated recommendations are announced. For local specific updates please see our Mox Seattle, Mox Bellevue, and Mox Portland Facebook pages, and our main Facebook and Twitter for most up to date information. Here's what we are doing to keep everyone safe: Regular and frequent sanitizing of all restaurant and retail spaces.Masks are required for all individuals when visiting Mox Boarding House, though masks can be removed while drinking and dining at our restaurants. Proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test is required at Washingt
  • Cocktails in Bellevue – Now Serving
    • Mar 18th 2021
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    Cocktails in Bellevue – Now Serving

    Mox Boarding House is the ultimate stop for a fun night over a delicious meal that brings everyone closer together. Mox is a popular spot for happy hour after work, a night out with your friends, or spending some quality time with your family away from the screens. We offer a full-service sit down restaurant with an enticing menu, and serve local beer and wine. Now, we are taking that spirit with us to our own custom cocktail menu. The Astrophysicist cocktail So, if you’ve been ogling Mox Portland’s handcrafted cocktail menu, you’ll see a familiar drink named the Astrophysicist. It’s got Del Maguey Mezcal Vida and Amaro Nonino with simple syrup and lime juice. A great Mezcal forward cocktail with a hint of citrus and sweetness to balance it all